Last week we brought you a portrait of Eduardo, a new player to the team.
The portrait was done in Danish but will soon be available in English as well.

For this week we are very excited to present to you (in English) a portrait of another new player at Aalborg Vikings.
So please make a warm welcome for Yasin – our new Viking!

Name: Yasin Vernaza
Age: 26 years
Height: 6,7 feet (2.04 meters)
Weight: 215 lb (97 kilograms)
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Previous club: Holy Names University, Oakland CA.

Yasin grew up in Ecuador where he attended Andino High School and won three tournaments. In those years he represented UTE and ESPE, which are teams in the pro-league in Ecuador. Beside those two teams, Yasin also played for the Ecuadorian National team.

After that he traveled to the US where he ended up playing for Allan Hancock Junior College, before he got offered a scholarship from Holy Names University, which he decided to gratefully accept. He graduated with an international business degree and is now doing a master in international business administration/economy at Aalborg University (AAU).

When Yasin is not playing basketball or studying, video games or outdoor activities pretty much takes his time (unless it’s too cold outside).

Yasin has named San Antonio Spurs as his favorite NBA team, which also explains why Tim Duncan is among his favorite athletes (others: Dr. J, Jackson Quinones and Demetrio Vernaza).
In soccer he names FC Barcelona as a favorite.

As many people, Yasin also has a source of inspiration and has named Alvaro Aleman and Lucy Hinojosa as role models of his.

Coming to Denmark, Yasin discovered the Danish specialty ‘frikadeller’ (meatballs in English) and instantly liked them. But besides that Yasin also likes burritos and ceviche.

Everybody please welcome Yasin Vernaza, our new Viking!

Fotograf: Nikolaj Christensen.